why us

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Because Sympatic is innovative company

Sympatic is a European company with great international experience, with an innovative approach to products. Together with our affiliated companies that manufacture, we create unforgettable products characterized by positive energy. In addition, in accordance with current consumer trends, we create natural products using organic components.
We do not just sell products — we give joy, a smile and a positive mood for a whole day.


Because we’re always close to you

Sympatic is located in the heart of Europe. From placing an order to receiving a products anywhere in Europe, it should not take more than 96 hours. All our products are manufactured by our affiliated companies in accordance with all European standards and requirements. We always try our best to make you satisfied with not only our products, but also our service.


Because you will make a lot of money with us

Our products are innovative and satisfying the hidden needs of people. The human need for possession of high quality and unusual things, as well as the desire to collect interesting collections and, on occasion, enjoy a natural sweets. This is the way to get our and your profit. This is why products of Sympatic company allow you to expand sales, earning more, leaving competitors far behind.

About us

As you have already read in the introduction, Sympatic is a young European company with a wide experience of wholesale not only on the Polish market, but also on the European and world markets. Sympatic offers its customers only products of the highest quality, manufactured in accordance with high European standards. At the moment, Sympatic is the exclusive trading partner of two brands: Organics Toys Travel pillows with hood and Jardin Riche Hard candy drops in tins with collectible magnets
Given the specifics of our products, we sell not only quality products, but also emotions associated with them. Knowing how important it is to be in a good mood, we try to produce only those products, at the sight of which there will be a smile on your face and which will bring you joy.
We invite you to a more detailed study of these products on websites dedicated to them. Then you will understand, what advantages will give you the availability of Sympatic Company products in your assortment. Earn with us!




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We speak Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian